DC! I’m coming home!

DC! I’m coming home!

I’m very excited to be returning to my hometown of Washington, DC for an exclusive evening of two sets at Blues Alley in Georgetown!

I’ve been around the world and back again since my last performance at Blues Alley in November 2015. Touring with Chris Botti for 56 shows straight in NYC, then our tour with special guest Sting in Jakarta, Dubai, Tbilisi and more… Then back in the U.S. where we’ve played in almost every city and town you can think of… Man! It’s been a busy 9 months or so.

So, I’m coming back to Blues Alley where I’ll be drawing from a retrospective of my 4-album catalog to revisit some of my “classic” tunes. Songs that got this whole shebang started for this girl from Largo! Tunes like “Fly Away With Me”, “That Ring”, “Aquarius Rising” and more. Recalling that I am not only a singer, but I’m a songwriter too, and I truly enjoy telling the stories of my life through song.

I’m bringing along a couple of cats from the Botti crew too: Richie Goods on bass and Lee Pearson on drums! Plus my longtime collaborator (he produced the title track and some more on my LP “Conflict”) Dre King will be on piano and fellow Howard grad Nicholas Ryan Gant will be on supporting vocals.

So get your tickets today! Two sets on Aug 31st – 8pm and 10pm! Call 202-337-4141 for reservations or click this here for tickets.