Sy Smith w/ Muse-Ique Orchestra
May 24, 2023
7:30 pm
Pasadena, CA
The Huntington

Through his music, Duke Ellington made an old world new. The man known for his revolutionary fusion of jazz and classical not only gave America its signature sound, but he also lifted countless voices into our shared cultural conversation. Through rousing song and dance, we illuminate Ellington’s ingenuity that shines in our lives even today.

With rousing performances of Ellington classics like “Sophisticated Lady” and “Take The A Train”, the superlative Sy Smith (2022’s Central Avenue, 2021’s Tapestry at 50) and Myron McKinley (Central Avenue, Quincy At 90) and our soaring MUSE/IQUE orchestra will have you moving your feet and imagining new possibilities. Plus, a magical performance of Ellington’s The Nutcracker Suite, jazz interpretations of the original by Tchaikovsky, by dancers Herman Cornejo and Skylar Brandt.