#SySings Covers – 80s R&B Jamz
August 12, 2020
5:05 pm
Worldwide Web

Sy Smith is returning to StageIt after a sold out debut performance here in July! This time, she’s performing 80s R&B jams! Backed once again by the brilliant keyboardist Dominique Xavier, Sy will perform those songs that instantly transport listeners to the roller rink, the playground or nostalgic road trips when we had to search for radio stations between big cities or else rely on mixtapes our parents made. This is the set for the family reunion t-shirt crowd, the aunties/uncles who show up to the cookouts in matching outfits, the play cousins who play fought and the folks who play Uno with their own set of rules. Y’all know what it is. Break out the Jheri curl juice and let’s go! No parking on the dance floor!

My Top 5 supporters will receive an autographed set list from this show and a free Sy Smith hologram sticker! Yep, I’ll print & sign a set list from this show and send it plus this free hologram sticker to you wherever you are!

5:05pm Pacific – 6:05pm Central – 8:05pm Eastern